Monday, April 28, 2008

The Burgundy Special

A day late.....

It's good to see that IRB? is able to find time to post in between his multiple IRB? Specials. For all of those who don't know what a IRB? Special is, it is when Mr. I'm Ron Burgundy? ski poles two dudes at the same time.


The actual act of giving two dudes hand jobs, simultaneously.

Mr IRB? is an expert in this feat. He trains for the IRB? Special when he is not getting sweet tats of birds. This is a picture of IRB? training for his fabled Special.

If you are curious about the iRB? Special, you can always contact him from one of his many emails that he sends every day. He wants to tell everybody about his sweet plans for the week, mostly which is giving the IRB? Special. He is the official town crier.

Aside from pushing his talent, he wants to social network so that everyone will like him. He talks and talk and talks most likely in hope that people will forget that he can't grow a real beard. The best he can do is grow chin pubes.

His facial hair serves a purpose though, if you are lucky enough to get a IRB? Special, you might be able to convince him to use his chin pubes as a ball tickler.

Although to his credit, he does practice discretion. He is one of many doing their parts maintaining to prevent the spread of Gingervitis.


1 comment:

I'm Ron Burgundy? said...

I dressed up 2 years ago as a town crier for Halloween.

Spot on description. I haven't been stretching lately and I think I have handjob elbow.