Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bring your green hat

Weekend Itinerary:

Thursday evening fly BWI - CMH. Get picked up from airport by Yeti. Proceed to drink at The Library. Maybe get a little drunk.

Friday: Drive from Columbus to South Bend, IN to stay with the ever-so-popular Walter Shobchak. Proceed to wear red satin jacket (cause that's what they like in South Bend) and drink copious amounts of booze. Then eat a sub and pass out.

Saturday: Tailgate with many Catholics, do my best to fit in and not make fun of Charlie Weis. Go to Purdue (apparently it's more like PurDon't) ND game at 2:30. Fall asleep from the lack of offense, then wake up to watch the final game winning field goal drive. Tailgate more after game, then drink till we can't feel feelings anymore.

Sunday: Drag ass back to Cbus to catch flight back to DC.

(Maybe) We'll post some pictures from the weekend when we're back. Not sure if we'll remember to take any (or if Walter can keep his sack out of any of them).

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