Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey NBC, Fuck You

NBC just gave tips on how to deal with sleep deprivation while watching the olympics.

#5: Skip work (you're not going to see another Olympics like this anyways).

Yea, no shit. Until someone else covers the Olympics. Then maybe we'll see a decent Olympics. There's good coverage, but not on NBC. You can show basketball live, but track gets tape delayed 12+ hours. The world record was set in the men's 100, for fuck's sake. told me all about it. However, I couldn't find video anywhere cause your stupid fuckhole asses have the Olympics on lockdown.

Just now, Cris Collinsworth just creamed himself talking about Michael Phelps. There's a lot more going on besides Phelps. Yes, he did something amazing. No, we won't see it again soon. But he's from Towson, not Baltimore. He goes to M*ch*g*n. His ass pales in comparison to Misty May-Treanor's. So let the American public form their own opinion, for fuck's sake.

I love the Olympics. I want to see track and field. I want to see basketball. I want to see soccer. I want to see swimming. Fuck, I like to watch badminton when it's good. I don't want to watch someone warm up for a swim when I know that somewhere in Beijing there's good competition going on. And for the love of god, I don't want to see Bob Costas in front of Chairman Mao while he talks about how much he loves the Great Wall.

NBC - You're a bunch of bullshit. In my household we learned at a young age that CBC has much better olympic coverage. Fuck you. I'm 300% afraid of what you'll do to the Super Bowl.

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