Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does anybody dislike us this much?

Time for a bit of current events:

Sports writers don't like sports bloggers.  A lot of people enjoy the sports blogs that are out there but what about the other, dumber blogs?  Where does that leave us, the bloggers in the stupidity business?

I'd assume we're fine, since nobody reads this shit.  If they do, they obviously just want a waste of time, or are reading it to make us feel better (or because we asked them to drop by).  It's like when you're a little kid and you draw the stupidest looking monkey ever.  You show your mom because you're proud of it.  She looks because she wants you to feel better about yourself.  I'm 78% sure that's what our few readers do - they read this blog so that we feel better about ourselves.

So what journalists have we offended?  In looking at the posts so far, I'm assuming we've offended the following people:
1) gingers
2) kids
3) asians
4) indians
5) beardos
6) breakdancers
7) ghosts
8) families of the edmund fitzgerald's crew
9) arnold
10) women
11) green crack dealers
12) people who can't grow sweet mustaches

People who write "real" media (e.g. radio, newspaper, magazine) about these things might not like us.  It's ok.  Nobody likes us.  But we like this monkey, and I hope you do too:

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