Monday, April 28, 2008

Lightning Bolt Monday - Shocking You Back to Work! (4/28/08)

So I was just informed (at 4:15pm) that I am going to contribute a weekly post on Monday. I have no idea what that will be, but for now it's going to be "Lightning Bolt Mondays - Shocking you back to work!" Maybe I'll change it next week, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll change it every week - I haven't decided yet.

For now enjoy nerds playing dress up in the forest. They probably call it an enchanted forest or some crap, I call them wastes of space. Hopefully they'll at least grow up to be some nerdy engineer type and design a nuclear-powered car so I don't have to pay $4/gallon for gas, I just have to worry if the nuclear engine will give me ball cancer.

Also, why waste all that time with the lightning bolt when you can just use death?

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