Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lightning Bolt Monday - Shocking You Back to Work! (5/14/08)

Turns out that at my job they want you to actually work and do stuff, not just play on the interwebs all day. Due to that fact I'm bringing you a special midweek edition of the Lightning Bolt of the week. I won't shock you back into the week, but I will give your midweek a jolt. Of course by jolt I mean a compilation of hilarious monkey videos, because if there is one thing this site does well (and there isn't), it's bringing you monkey videos.

First off, the trunk monkey. These are some great ads. They really make you wish the trunk monkey is real. If I had a nickel for every time I needed a monkey to some dude's ass, kick some kid's ass, act as midwife, bribe a police officer, hit a car thief on the head, or protect my daughter I'd be a rich man.

Other things monkeys are awesome at - drinking:



rocking out like Slash:

riding motorcycles

In case you've missed the point monkeys kick ass, and you don't - especially you Captain Insano.

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