Saturday, May 3, 2008

Run for the Roses

Derby Day today. I'll be drinking this.

Mint Julep
Type: Mixed drink
Primary alcohol by volume:

* Bourbon whiskey

Served: over crushed, or shaved ice.
Standard garnish: mint leaves
Standard drinkware: tall glass, or julep cup
Commonly used ingredients:

* 3 oz. (90 mL) Bourbon whiskey
* 4 to 6 sprigs mint leaves
* granulated sugar, to taste

Preparation: Put mint, sugar, and a small amount of crushed or shaved ice into the bottom of a julep cup or tall glass. [Optional: Muddle the mint and sugar, then let stand for a bit to allow the broken leaves to release their flavor.] Add bourbon whiskey, top off with crushed or shaved ice, and stir well to mix and chill the libation.

Thanks wikipedia

Maybe if I have enough of them I'll see Barbaro again.

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