Monday, June 9, 2008

Euro 2008 Preview (Part IX)

And now for the finale...


Looks like a boot, probably smells like feet.

Holy fuck your tower is going to fall over.

Wife of goalie, captain, and lucky son of a bitch Gianluigi Buffon.


The map of the country is too fucking big to fit in the picture.

When you think of Russia you think of vodka, snow, vodka, communists, snow, smoking hot tennis players, vodka and buildings that look like this. Bet you thought I would have gone for a picture of a tennis player, huh?

Miss Russia 2006, Tatiana Kotova. I love when they bring friends.

That wraps up the preview of Euro 2008. As Ron Burgundy pointed out, it is a shame that England and their far superior WAGs could not qualify for this little shindig. They should be ashamed of themselves for not sharing their wealth with the rest of us.

As far as the football goes ...

I'll take Portugal and the Czech Republic out of Group A. Germany and Croatia out of Group B.
Italy and the eyesore that is the Netherlands out of Group C. Spain and Sweden out of Group D.

To avoid further embarrassment I will pick the quarterfinals after the group stage is over. Oh, and I will get some more girly pics, cause I am quite certain that is the only thing you are reading this for.

Update: Ron Burgundy says I have to pick a winner, so I pick Spain*

*I reserve the right to amend this when Spain chokes and underachieves usual.

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