Friday, June 20, 2008

IRB's Classy People of the Week: June 20th

This week's classy people of the week are a group near and dear to my heart: people who can't meet deadlines.

Usually deadlines are set to keep people productive and keep creativity flowing. This is done to get things done. Sometimes deadlines aren't met.

Unofficial deadlines tend to not be met more often than they actually are met (see: blogging).

So this week, I'll highlight a few classy people who can't meet deadlines:

Chet. Has posted about 50% of the time.

Walter. Nearly always posts, although they're usually late.

CFP. Disappeared for about 6 weeks. No post this week.

Myself. Late this week, depressed because of it.

Yea, so I really mailed this one in. At least I made a post.

Happy weekend. Boss is gone, huzzah!

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