Thursday, June 5, 2008

IRB's Classy People of the Week: June 5th

This week's classy people of the week are a group of folks that like to party - hockey players. Who doesn't like to party? Not anybody I want to know. Following a big win (say in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals), the team likes to party. Lord Stanley's Cup is by far the best trophy/cup/medal/ribbon/bowl you can win. You spend your whole life training for it. You spend 2 months growing a playoff beard for it. There is only one Stanley Cup, and it keeps growing. If your team wins the cup, you're on it forever. However, the cup is classy mainly because you can put things in it.

What things? How about, say, a 6 month old baby. Nothing classier than putting your child up about 6 feet in the air in a bowl for a photo opportunity.

Now, it's well know that hockey players (much like baseball players) like to drink. Well goddamn, you can put booze in it too!

After that, you drink out of the cup.

Traditionally, players can take the cup home with them for a day. Each player can do what they want with it, as long as they're accompanied by a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It's gotta be awkward standing outside a guys bedroom when you know he's doing this with the cup:

Of course, the gayestclassiest thing hockey players do immediately follows the end of the game. They cheer, yell, cry, and then jump in a man-pile around the cup. Example:

That's a big beard-pile.

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