Saturday, June 7, 2008

Euro 2008 Preview

There are tons of Euro 2008 preview out there written by people who know far more about football (soccer for the the average American) than me. So the preview here at Just Rub Some Sugar On It will not focus on the football at all, just the scenery.

Austria (Co-host)

Yes, this is a map of Austria. If you ever happen to meet Ms. Teen South Carolina 2007 make sure you mention that you have knowledge of the map of Austria, she will undoubtedly be impressed.

Damn Austria looks nice, but not quite as nice as this...

Miss Austria 2006

I searched high and low (2 minutes on google) for a picture of an Austrian WAG, but since no one has heard of anyone who plays on their national team there was nothing to be found. You will just have to make do with Tatjana Batinic.

Switzerland (Co-host)

Ah ha! A map of Switzerland.

Well Switzerland looks good too, but as an added bonus they are less likely to go to war with you. OK now onto the only part of this you are really going to look at.

Miss Switzerland 2006 Christa Rigozzi

Once again no easy access to WAGs so we dip back into the Miss "your country here" pool. Why are we living back in 2006, because the chicks are hotter there, that is why.

You have now been introduced to the host countries of Euro 2008. Stay tuned for the previews of the other 14 participants.

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