Monday, June 9, 2008

Euro 2008 Preview (Part VII)

Only 6 countries to go...


All you will ever need to know about the Netherlands is that Amsterdam is located there.

I take that back there are two things you need to know about the Netherlands 1) Amsterdam 2) it is full of dikes. Not those kind, the kind that hold the North Sea back from causing imminent doom and despair.

This is the first football related issue tackled here in the preview, and it only shows up to serve as a warning not to watch the Dutch games if you have a HDTV. The orange in their uniforms is scientifically proven to burn holes in your retina when viewed in HD (Don't say you weren't warned).

This is Rafael van der Vaart's WAG, not bad if you ask me.


The home of civil war. At least I think that is their motto, I could be wrong.

If you are not into killing your fellow countryman, Croatia appears to have some pleasant scenery.

Pictured is Thomas Rosicky's wife (all that orange would make you believe her husband was Dutch). Rosicky is injured and unable to play in Euro 2008, but as a consolation he gets to rehab with her.

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